What happens if man evolves indefinitely

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A process such as evolution has been going on for millions of years and has not ended until now. Humans have undergone a huge number of different changes, some body parts have disappeared altogether. I wonder what will happen to us in the distant future if our evolution continues indefinitely.


Immune System

Some scientists are sure that with evolution, the immune system will only get stronger and man will become very tough, he will not be afraid of any disease. During studies, more than 2,000 genes were discovered, most of which are responsible for fighting infections and the diseases they cause. Those people who live in cities have had mutations – the body is better able to resist dangerous diseases, including tuberculosis and leprosy bacteria. And that’s a huge leap forward, no matter what you say.

The immune system will either get very strong or not at all

The second group of researchers is not so bright about the future of human beings in terms of their relationship with disease. According to them, evolution will lead to a weakening of the immune system, and our dependence on medication is to blame. So even today we should try not to resort to medication if we can.

The Brain

This organ will probably get bigger. Along with this, people will become smarter and more intelligent, giving them an advantage over other species. But if the brain gets bigger, it will need more energy, and where will it come from if the body is already wasted on other organs and systems. Therefore, it is quite possible that the brain will shrink. There are experts who believe that people will stop developing intellectually because of the progress, which may turn their brain into a bean. Yes, with such a prognosis, we should not even hope that someday mankind will become a super-intelligent civilization. Evolution will also affect the skull, as scientists believe, because it is believed that human height will increase.

If people do not strive for intellectual development, the brain will shrink significantly

Teeth and Eyes

As for the former, it is quite possible that we will no longer have wisdom teeth. But that may be for the best, for they bring nothing but inconvenience to man. If our ancestors badly needed a strong jaw with wisdom teeth to eat roots and nuts with raw meat, there will be no such thing today or in the future. Today, these teeth are completely unnecessary because food has become easy to chew. By the way, statistics show that about 35% of the world’s population is born without these teeth.

A person’s eyes are likely to become very large

The organs of vision will increase in size – that’s what the researchers believe. Because people will need to better adapt to dark places. It is unclear why scientists decided that in the future people will face more darkness, probably it already concerns the evolution of our planet. Some eye shades will disappear, there will be more people on Earth with blue and light brown eyes.

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