Titanic is gradually diminishing and will soon disappear

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Those who are interested in underwater archaeology or are seriously engaged in the search for underwater artifacts know that the age of sunken ships does not last long. The same is true of the Titanic. Its wreckage will be dust in 100 years.


That is why a mass of explorers come down to it today. They manage to find very unusual and unique exhibits left by rich people, as well as a lot of useless trinkets, which have become valuable rarities thanks to this history.

A disaster occurred on April 14, 1912, which caused the death of more than 1500 people. After the ship collided with an iceberg, it sank. The Titanic was last seen above the surface of the water at 2:20 a.m.

The Eaters of the Titanic

It took decades to find the “needle in the haystack.” It wasn’t until 1985 that Robert Ballard accidentally stumbled upon the ship. Even then, the Titanic had lost its integrity, and only a select few were lucky enough to see the more or less intact mahogany with their own eyes. But the destruction is proceeding in grandiose steps. The fact is that its hull is inhabited by trillions of bacteria that feed on oxidized iron. They nibble away at the ship from all sides, leaving nothing behind. And the appetite of these little microorganisms is good. The ship shrinks by 180 kilograms a day.

Bacteria invaded the Titanic inside and out

Today, the number of bacteria is at its maximum, more than there have ever been on the ship in all the time it has been underwater.

Interesting things about discoveries from the ship

From 1987 to 2002, the American firm RMS Titanic won the rights to explore the ship. During 6 expeditions organized to the bottom, more than 6,000 items worth $110 million were lifted from the ship today. These were personal and household items. They all today are worth a lot of money, but something really worthwhile, like the pendant “Heart of the Ocean” or exclusive paintings were not found.

To raise at least a piece of the skeleton to the surface has never been attempted. The Atlantic water has so thinned the metal that even with the use of ultramodern technology, it will crumble before reaching the surface of the water.

In 2012, 100 years after the disaster, the site was placed under UNESCO protection. The organization will protect the hulk, which the company – the nominal owner of the rights to the ship – wanted to saw in order to remove the remains of the mechanisms. In addition, the organization wants to take control of the operations of buying and selling the raised valuables. Therefore, we are not destined to expect new information from the bottom of the Atlantic, as well as to see at least a piece of the Titanic. It remains to study the history of the ship, the stories of the survivors and to perceive the place of the tragedy as an untouchable mass grave, keeping the memory of that terrible day.

Titanic’s position at the bottom, but it will soon disappear

In addition to the hundreds of dead, the ship took with it tons of cargo. Among other boxes on it were 60,000 pieces of mail and tons of goods for sale in the United States, worth more than $10 million. There were furs, wines, books, medical equipment and tools, and brand new cars that never rode the earth.


In 2010, the Titanic produced the highest-quality and longest-running photo shoot in the history of the ship’s exploration. They were part of a series of photos titled “Titanic. 100 Years Later.”

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