NASA figured out where water is on Mars

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By now, everyone has seen what Mars looks like. The many spacecraft that have explored Mars have transmitted thousands of pictures of the red planet. But some of the images have left scientists scratching their heads!


Right now, Mars is completely dry. It is covered by an endless desert. However, scientists are bluntly stating: Mars was full of water! This is all confirmed by the geological data obtained. The topography of the red planet is riddled with rivers, lakes, and even oceans!

Some of the water is frozen, but where is the rest?

Researchers at the University of California laboratory claim: there is water, similar in composition to “Earth water,” that has seeped into the bowels of Mars. According to preliminary data, the volume of the “source of life” is almost half of the Atlantic Ocean.

Such bold statements have been made by analyses of the chemical composition of Mars, which are actively transmitted by Mars rovers.

It’s all about the composition of water. We all know that water is H2O,

where H is hydrogen,

O is oxygen.

But in chemistry there is a concept of “isotope”, which is essentially the same atom, but with different chemical and physical properties

For example, our famous hydrogen. It has isotopes: Deuterium and Tritium.

So far, we’re only interested in Deuterium. It is much heavier than ordinary hydrogen, so it did not escape into space, but simply, if I may say so, went to the bottom. Into the soil and soil of Mars.

Scientists, led by Eva Scheller, have assumed the volume of ALL the water that was once on Mars. And were able to come to a consensus that this water could fill the entire surface of the planet with a layer of almost 1.5 kilometers! It is possible that 4 billion years ago, Mars was a kind of “Solaris”, by Stanislaw Lem, completely covered by water.

What caused the planet to dry up completely, so far there is no exact answer.

But, scientists believe that Martian minerals may have absorbed up to 99% of the water.

“Perseverance will give the answer!

The Perseverance rover may well answer whether there is water on the red planet. Its mission on Mars is enormous. It will transmit a huge amount of information about the soil, the landforms, maybe even microorganisms (but we will talk about this in the next article). So we just have to wait a little bit and wish this little rover luck and more luck!


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